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Tuesday, August 7, 2018
August 2018 Newsletter
Hope everyone has been stopping in at the Lodge for our Daily, Weekly and Monthly drawings! It’s a WIN! WIN! for you and the Lodge. Stop by and get into the “DAILY, WEEKLY & or MONTHLY” drawings. Only requirement is that your membership has to be current and your membership has
to be with the Boone Moose Lodge or WOTM.

How could Friday night be any better! Every Friday night, bring a date or a friend. Play some darts or even a game of pool or just hang around outside by the new fire-pit.

Our Lodge is very fortunate that we have a lot of members that volunteer. But we have a special group that really are Loyal to the Bone! Our Moose Riders do a lot for our Lodge and are hardly ever recognized for what they do. Please take time out to notice all of the projects that they have been a part of & continue to do all the time. They have done many Benefit rides for several years, which in turn have donated thousands of dollars to several causes. Hospice, Mooseheart, Watauga County Human Society & the Lodge was the most recent recipient from a ride. There have been many construction projects that they have been done by the Moose Riders & lots of clean-up in and around the Lodge. Our Lodge is a better place because of this very special group of men and women. You all ROCK!

THANK YOU!!!!!! To the Moose men that came out in the hot baking sun and put up the awning outside the back door. Looks great and has been being used a lot. GREAT JOB!

A big thank you goes to David Miller, our Lodge handy man & electrician whose taken care of all the electrical issues and soooo many other projects around the Lodge. David is the first to step up give a helping hand. Thank you David for ALL you do for our lodge!

A great big Moose Thank You to Laurie, Carey and Ani, the heartbeat of our Lodge. We are super lucky to have these three awesome ladies behind the bar. Always making sure we don’t go
thirsty! Keeping up with all of the drawings, keeping things clean and organized and they run a tight ship. Always service with a smile – please keep them in mind when you leave your tip.

There are many members and their families who are dealing with health issues and/or hospitalization. Please keep all of them in your thoughts and prayers.

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There was extensive discussion at the mid-year Convention about the importance of holding membership meetings. Each Lodge is a Corporation and membership meetings are mandatory in order to maintain our 501 C-3 non-profit status. Membership, General meetings are scheduled for the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month. Your attendance would be greatly appreciated!
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